community safety

Working with first responder agencies and large, medium and small companies, the SafeAustralasia Foundation facilitate education and an open environment, where leaders and emerging leaders in all sectors can develop their skills and knowledge to protect our community safety.
Our frequent discussion forums are designed to address, and educate in, the emerging issues in community safety.

Working closely with public safety and law enforcement agencies as well as the wider business community allows us to blend the technical and operational aspects of community safety while providing a forum for leaders to share in their community safety knowledge and experience for the benefit of collective learning of members in this subject area.

Cyber security

Cyber security awareness and safety is vital for all organisations. In conjunction with our partner organisations and subject experts, we will continue to deliver education and skills in the latest counter measures to protect our government agencies, businesses and community and promote cyber safety awareness and training.

By running education events including presentations, exercises and other training in cyber security and awareness, we will support Cyber safety initiatives relevant to all organisations in our region.

disaster preparedness

With the potential for natural hazard disasters and large scale emergencies ever present in our region, we aim to provide education in disaster preparedness and resilience for businesses and the wider community.

When a disaster happens, it requires the close collaboration of many organisations in addition to the first responder agencies. Our approach is to provide education opportunities for organisations in how such close collaboration can reduce the impacts of a disaster on our communities, businesses and those affected.

To illustrate how we address education in disaster preparedness, in September 2019 our planning team commenced work to deliver a pandemic exercise that was scheduled across the region for early April 2020. Unfortunately, this plan was overtaken by events as the SARS CoV-19 pandemic started to unfold, and by January 2020 was taking hold across our region. While our exercise was cancelled when restrictions were put in place to prevent travel and group gatherings, it was clear that our intent to educate and inform was on target.

We will continue to focus on these types of training and education events as a way to improve organisational and community preparedness and resilience in dealing with major disasters.

Community and Business Resilience to Disasters

Disasters often occur with no, or little, warning. Whereas first responder agencies are well rehearsed for regular large hazards events like bushfires and storms, less frequent events like tsunamis and earthquakes, can take both responder agencies and communities by surprise. During disasters, strong and agile leadership is key to keeping communities and businesses focussed and active in tackling emerging priorities to overcome their impacts.

Our leadership forums, focus groups, and education events aim to support the development of stronger leaders who will support greater community and business resilience for the organisations they lead.

emergency management within industry

While our first responder agencies and some organisations have a strong commitment to emergency management, there are still gaps in emergency management knowledge and experience across many other smaller government agencies, mid- sized, and smaller organisations who do not have the expertise or skilled resources internally to deal effectively with emergencies that may affect them.

We will continue to reach out to the wider community and businesses who seek to increase their knowledge, skills and education in this important subject area.